Meet Tori


Inspiring you to take the leap of faith.

Hey there! I'm so happy you've found me.... My name is Tori and I'm the director & educator here at Multi Award Winning

Glow & Blade academy.

I started my journey as an Internationally published makeup artist and beauty therapist, focusing on Makeup artistry & beauty for 6 years I decided to study a degree in Special effects makeup artistry, It allowed me to be creative and learn to master skills I never thought I could do, I really enjoy gaining new skills and knowledge. I believe it's important to always innovate new ways of doing things and this is what my academy is all about, bringing something to the table that will make a difference.


SPMU is my passion, I love to give my clients confidence through creating semi-permanent natural enhancements, and I love to give my students an unforgettable training experience that will change your life and create a career you deserve.

Let me show you how...


We are passionate about creating natural enhancements and we want to show you our art and how we master it, We love natural beauty we deliver luxury services to make you feel confident in your artistry and in your own skin. 


We are very creative and continuously innovating new techniques and new ways to teach our courses, so we make a difference in the beauty world. 

We are true to our brand and honest about our journey, we want to inspire everyone to reach their highest potential to create a career they've dreamed about.